Webinar Series

The Minnesota Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence is excited to offer a new bi-monthly webinar series.  These webinars are designed to share resources available for educating current and future students, as well as incumbent workers.

Our upcoming Webinars

Please look below for our past Webinar presentations and links to the resources available.

Webinar TitleDescriptionVideo ReplayPresentation
Manufacturing Career Tool - April 23, 2020This webinar provided a demonstration of our Manufacturing Career Tool resource designed for students to explore six different modern manufacturing career fields (Engineering and Technology, Machine Tool, Mechanical Design, Robotics and Automation, Welding, and Manufacturing Support). Students can watch videos to see “a day in the life” of people who work in advanced manufacturing and even take a quiz to find out how their own skills and interests align with advanced manufacturing career fields.Video ReplayPresentation
Adopt-A-School Guide - May 7, 2020Want to connect or engage with local schools to recruit your next generation of workers? Get an overview of our Adopt-A-School Guide resource that was developed based upon feedback from manufacturers that there was a need for a resource to help them connect with schools. This Resource provides a comprehensive tool and guidance on working with your local school system to improve student outcomes with the goal of decreasing manufacturing labor shortages. This guide contains best practices proven to be successful for engaging schools and recruiting students into manufacturing careers.Video ReplayPresentation
360 eTECH Online and Hands-on Manufacturing Education - May 21, 2020Join us for this webinar that is geared towards educators, influencers, and manufacturers. This webinar provides an overview of a unique technical program delivered by a consortium of Minnesota State colleges. Using mostly online delivery, 360 eTECH prepares students for entry-level careers in manufacturing. Learn about the model and how its curriculum has served everyone from high school students to incumbent workers.Video ReplayPresentation
Manufacturing Career Videos - June 4, 2020Join us for a review of our featured manufacturing career videos. We showcase Minnesota manufacturers such as Marvin Windows, Polaris Industries, Central Boiler and others to hear directly from employees talking about their future in manufacturing. We have also developed several other videos, including a fun career video highlighting the amazing opportunities that the industry offers in terms of pay, job outlook, and positions. Attend the webinar to learn more about our video library and ideas for using them with career exploration activities!Video Replay Presentation
Comprehensive Workforce Solutions - June 18, 2020Dr. Trent Janezich, Interim Executive Director for Workforce Solutions-Minnesota State System Office
Sam Bowen, Dean of Continuing Education and Customized Training-Ridgewater College
Matt Leaf, Dean of Workforce Education-Hennepin Technical College

Three leaders from Minnesota State colleges and university systems will discuss the opportunities that their initiative, “Minnesota State Workforce Solutions” presents to the manufacturing sector. The discussion will include:

Resources and training grants that are available to businesses
com for workforce training
Unique ways of building side by side customized programs so businesses get exactly what they need when they need it
Who to call – How to get in touch with us at the system office to help you navigate the 37 campuses in 54 communities across the State
Video ReplayPresentation
Robotics Coaches Guide - July 2, 2020Robotics is one of the very best ways to get students turned-on to high-tech manufacturing careers, but without manufacturer involvement, it is more difficult for students to connect the dots. Join us, and find out some practical ways to get manufacturers connected to a robotics program and increase student impact.Video ReplayPresentation
Dual-Training Pipeline - July 16, 2020This webinar will provide an overview of the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline at the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. Pipeline exists to support employers in creating or enhancing a competency-based dual-training approach where workers receive a combination of related instruction strategically paired with on-the-job training. Pipeline focuses on four industries of advanced manufacturing, agriculture, health care services, and information technology. There is also dual training grant funding from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education available to help pay for related instruction. Please consider joining the presentation to learn more about Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline and how it can help manufacturers meet their workforce needs across our state. Go to www.dli.mn.gov/pipeline to learn more.Video ReplayPresentation
Minnesota Manufacturing Environmental Scan OverviewBe among the first to hear key findings of the 2020 Environmental Scan of Manufacturing in Minnesota, published by the Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence. The scan examines critical industry information, labor force trends, and the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturers, as well as what Minnesota’s post-secondary education institutions are doing to address the current skills gap.Video ReplayPresentation
Teacher Guide ResourcesNeed an easy button to introduce students to the world of manufacturing and exciting career paths the industry offers? Written to eliminate hours of research, our Introduction to Manufacturing Careers Teacher Guide, provides a flexible curriculum, including worksheets, videos, and hands-on activities for educators. Attend this webinar to obtain a complete overview of the resource, the major highlights the guide offers to help you engage your students in hands-on learning activities about manufacturing and the industry’s exciting careers.Video ReplayPresentation
Minnesota Statewide Tour of Manufacturing View an overview of the annual Statewide Tour of Manufacturing. Each October we reach out to manufacturers and schools throughout the state and offer free funding for field trips to tour manufacturing facilities in their area and see first-hand what career opportunities are available in manufacturing and to meet local employers. We will walk you through the website, funding application, overall event process and how to spread the word or participate in this annual statewide event.Video ReplayPresentation