Youth Outreach

Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence wants to interest students in manufacturing careers, show career opportunities available in today’s manufacturing, and improve youth’s confidence in STEM skills.

The Youth Outreach Funding program is currently suspended. The Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence is actively seeking external funding for this program. If you would like to contribute, please contact Jeremy Leffelman, Executive Director or 218-755-4222.

Information about our next round of funding will be sent out as soon as funding has been secured.

A young boy watches as a 3D printer prints an object.

Making an Impact

Supporting youth outreach is an investment in the future manufacturing workforce. Since 2006, we have:

  • Worked with our partner colleges to host quality STEM-related events that promote modern manufacturing careers.
  • Funded 121 career expos and summer camps that develop STEM skills and highlight local industry
  • Reached over 7,300 students.
Female worker operating a machine and smiling for the camera

Changing Perceptions

Supporting events isn’t enough— Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence also works to capture best practices and measure the impact made.

According to the 2016 summer camp surveys, after the camp was over:

  • 97% had increased confidence in their STEM abilities.
  • 94% learned about manufacturing and making things.
  • 95% were more aware of manufacturing careers.
  • 85% were more interested in manufacturing careers.