Your future is made in manufacturing.
Develop the skills and knowledge you need to build a high-tech, creative rewarding career in manufacturing and applied engineering — now and as you move up in this dynamic industry.

Empowering Women

Women in Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing offers rewarding career paths for women that provide opportunities to work with others and create change in the world. Learn from women who have made their careers in manufacturing.

“…what you make, makes a difference in someone’s life.”

– Darlene Miller, President, Permac Industries


Take a Tour

Minnesota Statewide Tour of Manufacturing

The Minnesota Statewide Tour of Manufacturing is an opportunity for students to discover the innovative and high-tech world of modern manufacturing.

You can take a tour of a manufacturing facility during the first week of October. Get an in-depth look into the world of manufacturing and find out if your future is in manufacturing!


“I’m proud to work here. I’m proud of the work I produce. Jones is above them all by far– technology-wise, equipment-wise, the time and money they put in their employees… It is always changing; it is always new. I have a good opportunity to keep learning, and I’m excited about that.”

– William Johnson, Robotic Welder

Inspiring Students

Youth Outreach

Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence works hard to create interest and educate Minnesota’s students in manufacturing opportunities. Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence also strives to improve youths’ confidence in STEM skills.

94% of youth learned about manufacturing and making things with youth outreach activities

VEX Competition robot

Vex Robotics

Robotics provides a fun, high-tech, engaging way to connect youths interests in robotics to opportunities in manufacturing. VEX Robotics is a small team robotics program that asks students to build a robot using a VEX Robotics design system kit. There are tournaments held throughout the state that qualify teams for the State VEX Robotics Tournament.

Manufacturing as a Career

Over the last decade, new hires in manufacturing earned an average of 38 percent more than new hires in non-manufacturing industries. According to the U.S Commerce Department data, over a career a manufacturing worker earns 17 percent more in wages and benefits than his or her counterpart in other sectors.

In today’s economy, education is the passport to success – but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a four-year degree. Consider this:

  • Half of all U.S. jobs today can be defined as “middle skill,” requiring a two-year associate degree or some post-high school technical training.
  • Over the next five years, one of every two new jobs will be middle skill jobs.

Together these trends indicate a major opportunity for the next generation of workers who pick this exciting field!

Bright Future

3+ million manufacturing jobs will be needed over the next decade.

SOURCE: Deloitte Center for Industry Insights

Looking for a Job in Manufacturing?

It’s estimated that Minnesota Manufacturers have between 5,000 – 10,000 positions that need to be filled right now! Engineering managers, welders, sales people, production managers, and machinists are all in high demand. Manufacturers are willing to pay top-dollar for these positions and in many cases you can get trained in two years or less.