Statewide Tour Student Video Contest

Students are encouraged to create a video that highlights the importance of manufacturing in Minnesota. Three prizes will be awarded to the winning students as determined by the Statewide Tour Video committee. Here is how to get started.

Submission deadline: March 15, 2024

STEP #1 Create a video that highlights the importance of manufacturing in Minnesota

Choose a topic related to manufacturing. Here are some ideas:

  • • Why should someone consider a career in manufacturing?
  • • How can you make a difference working in manufacturing?
  • • What exciting technologies are used in today’s manufacturing?

STEP #2 Upload and submit your video

To submit the video, simply upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and send a link to our email address at Be sure to include the hashtags #MinnesotaManufactured, #MinnesotaManufacturing, #StatewideTour, and #MNMFGStudentVideoContest in the social media posts about the contest.

STEP #3 Win prizes valued up to $750!

Three prizes will be awarded to the winning students as determined by the Statewide Tour Video committee:

1st place prize

Cash prize or laptop, valued at $750

2nd place prize

Cash prize or Apple iPad valued at $320

3rd place prize

Cash prize or Apple AirPods, valued at $250

*For groups submitting a video and being selected as 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place, a cash prize equaling the value of the published prize will be awarded. The cash prize is meant to be shared equally with teammates.

*Prizes and cash prizes are subject to change, based on product availability and video contest funding.

*Selected products are subject to change, based upon product availability and pricing. The Center reserves the right to make any changes to the prizes.

*By accepting the prize, the winner agrees to hold sponsors and their respective directors, officers, employees, and assignees, harmless against any and all claims and liability arising out of use of the prize.

*A winner will be chosen for each prize level. All winners will receive recognition from the Center through social media for their commitment to bringing awareness to the manufacturing industry and the exciting career paths offered in the industry.

*If a group of students submits a group video, the prize money will be divided equally.

*If a school submits the video, the prize monies can be awarded to the school or distributed to all participating students.

*All winners will be contacted prior to the awards banquet, and invited to attend.

Copyright information
No copyrighted material (music, images, etc.) or trademarks (company names, logos, brands, etc.) may be used unless the district owns or has a license /permission to use the material for this contest. Written permission must be obtained and provided upon request for all copyrighted or trademarked materials.

Are we allowed to use a song and substitute words for the video?

Short answer, no.
Long answer, a work isn’t a parody unless it critiques or comments on the original song or songwriter. If you’re using the tune and changing the words for a different message, it’s likely not parody and there are copyright implications — and copyright infringement versus parody/fair use is very fact-specific and you don’t know if you’ve crossed the line unless you successfully defend a copyright infringement suit.
Regardless, students should always ask the song’s author for permission to use the song.

Banquet Details
The Statewide Tour banquet will be held on April 25, 2024, at Saint Paul College starting at 5:00 PM. The banquet is a celebration of the manufacturing industry in Minnesota and the students who participate in the video contest. (Visit the Statewide Tour Awards Banquet page)

Release forms details
The district/school must have the required written release/permission form to film anyone featured in the district’s video. This authorization assures that those involved know that the video may be shown publicly, among other uses, without further consent required.

Download the form here.

Print it out, sign it, scan it, or take a picture and email the form to:

*Written parental consent is required for any person under 18 years old.

Contest entrants agree that by submitting a video, the Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence, a nonprofit organization, has the right to use, reproduce, reprint, distribute, and display the video for any organizational purpose, without notification, consent, or compensation to the entrant(s). The Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence organizational purpose includes, but is not limited to, displaying the video on our Center’s website, at conferences, or at other venues, regardless of whether fees are charged.


If you have questions, or for more information, please contact Jaimee Meyer, director of marketing and outreach, at
We hope to see your video in the Minnesota Manufactured™ Statewide Tour Manufacturing Student Video Contest! Good luck!