Manufacturing Career Pathway

The Manufacturing Career Pathway Ladder shows you the various positions a person can hold and the pay you can expect, based on your education.

Understanding the Manufacturing Career Pathway

You can start your career at any point on the career ladder. When you are ready, you can continue your education without repeating work you have already completed. A common scenario is:

  1. Take the foundational and common core courses at a two-year college. Earn your certificate/diploma.
  2. Enter the workforce as a technician.
  3. Take liberal education and manufacturing specialization courses at a two-year college (may be different colleges). Earn your A.A.S. and advance.
  4. Earn your B.A.S. at Bemidji State University.
  5. Advance to an engineering or management position.
  6. Pursue a M.B.A. to continue your education and your career.
>Endless opportunities

There are 10,100+ open jobs in Minnesota’s manufacturing industry.

SOURCE:Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development