School Spotlight – Alexandria Technical & Community College

Alexandria Technical & Community College offers over 50 degree and certificate programs. Among them are four programs related to Manufacturing.  Students have the option of joining the workforce after they complete a program or transferring into a bachelor’s degree program and another institution, like the Bemidji State University Engineering Technology program. Check out the transfer information page for details. If you know someone interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing, check out these programs offered at Alexandria Technical & Community College.

Welding Technology
Many manufacturers use welders in various capacities in the manufacturing of products. Alexandria Tech has a one-year welding technology program where students will learn several welding processes including wire-feed (GMAW), Stick (SMAW), tig (GTAW), flux-cored arc, and pulse arc welding. Students also learn how to read engineering drawings, blueprints, and more. Students can qualify for the AWS Structural Code and the ASME Pipe Pressure Code in accordance with AWS QC-3 standards.

Mechanical Drafting, Design, & Engineering
In this program, students learn how to create technical drawings of machinery, robotics, and other devices across a wide range of industries. This comprehensive program teaches students areas of mathematics, industrial materials and processes, physics, mechanical design, and more.  This program offers both an AAS Degree and Diploma and can be completed in two years.

Machine Tool Technology
This diploma program is designed to prepare students to enter the machine tool trade. Students are introduced to tools, materials, equipment and they develop the skills needed to work in that environment. Students also receive advanced precision machining skills training in CAD/CAM software and CNC machining as well as learning about a variety of metals and learn how to cut them using various cutting tools.

Students will learn a core set of mechanical, fluid power, electrical and electronic controls and automation technical skills that can be applied in a wide variety of settings. This program combines mechanical, electronic, and information technology into a single discipline that crosses many of the traditional boundaries of a skilled technician.

If you would like more information on any of these or other programs offered by Alexandria Technical & Community College, please visit to request more information.