Worker Training

Looking for an effective way for your employees to gain advanced skills? Consider Minnesota Manufactured™.

Our courses are a great match for companies looking to train employees in foundational and advanced manufacturing skills through a convenient format. As a competitive manufacturer, you need employees with technical skills, and Minnesota Manufactured™ can provide the needed education.

worker in training

Minnesota Manufactured™ Benefits Both Employers and Employees

  • Skills training that can be put to work immediately
  • Flexible and convenient delivery options
  • A one-stop-shop to meet training needs

In addition, course work is aligned with the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Certified Production certification. After completing the four aligned courses, employees can choose to test for this nationally-recognized credential.

Employees can also gain college credit when they successfully complete coursework which may support promotional opportunities within the company.

How it Works

We work closely with manufacturers so the course delivery fits both employer and employee needs. The Minnesota Manufactured™ training program can be tailored for employees to take:

  • One course.
  • A combination of courses.
  • 16 credit Production Technologies certificate.

We will help you contract with a Minnesota Manufactured™ participating college. The contract will outline:

  • Courses your employees will be taught.
  • Delivery method (online or mediated telepresence format).
  • Tuition and fees.
  • Course materials, including textbooks, software subscriptions.
  • Support services.
  • Invoicing schedule.

Before the first class date, we offer an on-site orientation session to make sure employees meet the college’s enrollment and registration requirements, including applications, log-in information, paperwork, and training with the course learning management system (D2L Brightspace) and the Minnesota Manufactured™ Student Portal.

To learn more, contact Jeremy Leffelman, 218-755-4222 ( Executive Director, or Ching Olson, 218-755-2948 ( Education Program Specialist.

Continuing your Education

Launch your career further by taking classes at any of our participating Minnesota colleges.

Click on a logo to apply for enrollment into that particular college.