MSC Southeast Manufacturing News

Jacob Montoya is hoping to turn his interests and hobby of robotics and mechatronics into a career. Through MSC Southeast’s advanced programs, Jacob will be able to easily find employment with a high-paying, high-demand job in a field of study he enjoys.

When Jacob Montoya’s family picked up and moved across the country from New Mexico to Minnesota, he had no idea what the relocation would bring him. He was able to find his love and passion for mechatronics technology through the advancing mechatronics program at MSC Southeast.

With a two-semester workforce development scholarship and an interest in developing his creative and technical skills, Jacob will have his 2-year associate of science degree in the spring of 2022.

The mechatronics program at MSC Southeast is developing at a fast rate, bringing in new, more advanced equipment every year. Instructor at the school, Andy George, claims that “the college will soon be among the leading mechatronics programs in the state” (MSC Southeast, Winona Daily News).

Thanks to the program, the likelihood of Jacob finding his dream job is high and he is in a great position to receive instant employment after his graduation.