Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association

The Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association (MPMA) was founded in 1955 by some key players in local manufacturing. They changed their name a couple of times over their 65-year history but have always been a united community of manufacturers gathering to promote and strengthen the industry. Their primary focus is on workforce development and creating a community of manufacturers that are better off together. They work with manufacturers to help them solve workforce challenges by working directly with education institutions and by having a strong representation at the state capitol.

MPMA has over 300 members including businesses and schools. While they cover the entire state of Minnesota, most of their members are from the Twin Cities. They offer members the ability to connect and collaborate with manufacturers, educational institutions, and legislative representatives. This year they are launching a training program for incumbent workers that links the manufacturers and educational institutions. Later this year they hope to launch an association healthcare plan.

If you are a manufacturer and are interested in joining MPMA, you can do so by going to mpma.com at any time. Non-manufacturer companies and institutions should contact MPMA directly to discuss options. For more information, contact MPMA by email at info@mpma.com or visit mpma.com.