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Current student Omar Lopez-Sanchez is practically being paid to study a subject he enjoys through the Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training Program (ICATT) at Hennepin Technical College. Read more about the benefits of the program and how it has provided Omar with opportunities like no other!

Recently, Hennepin Technical College has created an ICATT Program, providing students with hands-on education and training in their field of study. In Omar’s case, he wanted to study mechanical engineering at a university, but couldn’t afford his education, even with a scholarship! HTC had a solution for that through their ICATT Program. The apprenticeship program is the first of its kind due to HTC being the only college in Minnesota that has it.

HTC has created opportunities for Omar that no other college could. They provided him with a full scholarship using an “earn while you learn” model, which means Omar was “[earning] a full-time salary [and] in effect, [technically] being paid to attend classes” (HTC News). Since the launch of the program in 2020, eight students are currently working at manufacturing facilities thanks to ICATT.