Credit for Military Experience

Your military transcript may contain training that could count as credit in our online manufacturing courses and programs. The Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) listed below have been reviewed for transfer into CMAE coursework. If your MOS is not listed and you would like it reviewed for possible credit transfer, please contact us with your request.

  • 11B – Infantryman
  • 13B – Cannon Crewmember
  • 13D – Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems Specialist
  • 13F – Fire Support Specialist
  • 19D – Cavalry Scout
  • 19K – M1 Armor Crewman
  • 21B – Combat Engineer
  • 25U – Signal Support Systems Specialist
  • 37F – Psychological Operations Specialist
  • 88M – Motor Transport Operator
  • 92A – Automated Logistical Specialist
  • 92F – Petroleum Supply Specialist
  • 92G – Food Service Specialist

You can use the Minnesota Manufactured MOS-Evaluation-Results-2021 for 30 and 40 levels by course. Based upon an individualized assessment of the student, credit may be awarded at 10 and 20 levels.

The Veterans Education Transfer System (VETS) is an additional resource for past, present, and future service members. it is used to help determine how their military training may apply for credit at Minnesota State colleges and universities institutions.

An additional resource for service members and Veterans is the GPS LifePlan. It is offered free by Minnesota State colleges and universities. This resource guides users through career, education, leadership, and personal topics.