The Bus is on us!

Want to attend a tour but need a little help? Apply for transportation funding now.

K-12 Transportation Funding is available on a first-come basis.

Schools across the state are touring manufacturing facilities and discovering that there’s no better way to show students what high-tech manufacturing careers look like. Minnesota Statewide Tour of Manufacturing occurs every year in October, but schools can set up their own tour anytime during the school year, not just in October. While Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence does not coordinate tours, we have resources that schools like yours have found helpful!


If you’d like your students to tour a manufacturing facility, we may be able to help pay part or all of your transportation costs. Applying for funding is easy – just scroll down and fill out the funding application form. Please note that our funds are limited, and we may not be able to support your grant request in full. Transportation funding is subject to available funding.


We have resources to enhance the experience, including:

  • Career videos,
  • Classroom posters
  • Teacher guide
  • Career brochures

If you have questions, please contact Jaimee Meyer at 218-755-2206 or

Statewide Tour Transportation Funding Application Form

Thank you for seeking a transportation funding request. Due to an overwhelming amount of requests this October, we currently have limited funding. Please apply and we will get back to you.

Please note that our funds our limited and we may not be able to support your entire grant request.
This information helps us provide relevant tour information to manufacturers and ask them to complete the post-tour survey. After submitting this form, please register the tour online, immediately after receiving funding approval.
This information helps us provide educators with resources to prepare students for their tours.
Surveys help us measure the impact of the tour and provide results to our funders so we are able to continue to offering transportation scholarships. Surveys do not ask for names, and all information is kept confidential.