Understanding Online Student Responsibilities

Responsibilities of online learners may include:

  • Confirm you have the necessary equipment and technical skills for online courses.
  • Purchase all required books and software for your course prior to the semester start.
  • Login and participate in your course daily.
  • Read the course syllabus and other course-related documents to be sure that you are aware of any and all instructor policies.
  • Check your college email account. This is the official means of communication for your college.
  • Adhere to course schedules and deadlines.
  • Use the communication procedures established by your instructor for completing coursework.
  • Familiarize yourself with your college’s Student Handbook. Individual programs may also have program-specific handbooks.
  • Observe college and/or classroom policies regarding plagiarism when completing coursework.
  • Notify your instructor, in advance, if you are unable to complete coursework by the established deadline.
  • Understand that every instructor is different. Content delivery may vary from course to course.
  • Realize that while your online course(s) is available to you 24/7, your instructor is not.

Additional responsibilities may be outlined by your home college’s Student Handbook or by your instructor in the course syllabus.