Transfer of Technical Courses

When researching and evaluating transfer opportunities:

  1. Start by creating a Transfer Action Plan using Minnesota Transfer tools, resources and tips.
  2. Check the articulation agreement database for an agreement with the program you are pursuing. An agreement is not necessarily required for transfer. Talk to an advisor for more information.
  3. Create an account in Transferology and instantly import your courses. This will show how your completed or potential courses transfer to majors and programs at other Minnesota State colleges and universities and show equivalencies for any colleges and universities that license Transferology.
  4. Discuss the following questions with a Success Coach or the Transfer Specialist from your current or future college or university:
    • Does the college or university I am considering accept technical credits earned from a different college or university? Is there a limit on technical credit transfers?
    • Does the earned date of technical credits influence the credit transfer? Some colleges have a time limit for technical credits since curriculum can change over time.
    • To what extent will the transferred technical credits apply to the specific program(s), degree(s), or major(s) that interest me? What are the advantages of completing a technical degree at my current college or university and then transferring? Or, will as many credits transfer if I elect to transfer the group of technical credits I have earned?
    • Will earning a certain package or block of technical credits from my current college or university increase the number of credits that will fulfill the requirements of the program(s), degree(s), or major(s) at my new school?
    • Will I benefit from any special relationships (articulation) between my previous college and my transfer university?