Effects of Dropping or Withdrawing

Both dropping and withdrawing will cancel a course registration. Dropping is free and without consequence, but withdrawing is not. Login to eServices, click on “Courses and Registration” and then “View/Modify Schedule” to see course drop and withdraw deadlines.

Dropping occurs before the drop deadline. Dropping classes removes them from the official schedule and transcript. When a course is dropped before the deadline, all financial obligation for the course is cancelled.

Withdrawing happens after the drop deadline. Withdrawn courses remain on the transcript with a letter grade of “W”. Courses with “W” grades affect satisfactory academic progress tied to financial aid eligibility. Withdrawing from a course does not remove the financial obligation for paying tuition and fees. Depending on the date of the withdraw, some or all of the tuition and fees must be paid. Before withdrawing, a student should contact the college registration office to determine the specific effects of withdrawing from one, several or all courses at one or more colleges.