MSSC Certification

Students taking the four MSSC® aligned courses through the Minnesota Manufactured™ Program have the skills and knowledge to pass MSSC® certification exams and earn the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician certification.

Why Manufacturing Certification

Two Easy Steps

1. Complete 4 Courses

  • Safety Awareness (CMAE 1514)
  • Quality Practices (CMAE 1522)
  • Manufacturing Processes & Production (CMAE 1518)
  • Maintenance Awareness (CMAE 1526)

Flexible Delivery

  • Online through college partners
  • Hands-on at your high school with credentialed instructor

2. Take MSSC Exams
Arrange for testing at nearest MSSC Certified Assessment Center.


The Benefits of Certification

Money iconHigher Income

Minnesota manufacturing salaries are 25% higher than other industries.1

Ruler iconBetter Benefits

Manufacturing careers rank in the top 3 industries in the U.S.2

Company badge iconSafe and Secure

Today’s manufacturers invest in safety at all a levels to ensure employee safety.

Workforce iconMore jobs

3.5 million new manufacturing jobs in the U.S. from 2016-2026.3

SOURCES: 1 MN D.E.E.D. 2 3 The Manufacturing Institute. The Skills Gap, 2015

Bright Future

3+ million manufacturing jobs will be needed over the next decade.

SOURCE: Deloitte Center for Industry Insights


Your future is made in manufacturing.
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