Spring Books and Course Materials

Most courses have textbooks and/or other course materials that are essential to your success. Required course materials for the current term are listed below.

If you are having difficulty locating a textbook, please call us at 1-800-500-8938.

CourseRequired TextSubscriptionEquipment / Supplies
CMAE 1506 – Introduction to ComputersTestOut Desktop Pro Plus 5.0 (access code), TestOut Corporation, ISBN-13: 9781935080640NoNo
CMAE 1522 – Quality PracticesQuality and Performance Excellence, 8th Edition, Evans, Cengage, ISBN-13: 9781305662223NoNo
CMAE 1526 – Maintenance AwarenessNoneTooling UNo
CMAE 1528 – Career Success SkillsNoneNoNo
CMAE 1560 – Interpreting SymbolsPrintreading for Welders, 5th Edition, Proctor/Gosse, American Technical Publishers, ISBN-13: 9780826930712NoNo
CMAE 1566 – Gas Metal Arc Welding/Flux Cored Arc Welding (GMAW/FCAW)NoneNoWelding Bundle Kit*
CMAE 1568 – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)NoneNoWelding Bundle Kit*
CMAE 1570 – MetallurgyMetallurgy Fundamentals, 6th Edition, Brandt/Warner, ISBN: 9781635638745NoNo

*Students enrolled in the welding labs will need to consult the instructor to determine supplies needed for the labs.