A Better Qualified Employee

Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence is working to build a smarter and stronger workforce for manufacturers. Through our efforts, we are developing quality employees for Minnesota’s manufacturers.

360 eTECH

It’s challenging for current employees to find an accessible college program so they can develop new skills and continue their education. 360 eTECH offers a solution through online and hands-on manufacturing education. Through our college partners, we offer four certificates in production, automation, machining, and welding that fit current workers’ schedules. Visit the 360 eTECH website.

Career Success Skills

Manufacturers need employees with strong professional skills—who know how to communicate, take initiative, work well with others, and more. Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence has developed the Career Success Skills learning modules to help current and future employees succeed in their careers. These are free to use. Learn more about Career Success Skills.

Problem-based learning

Problem-based learning helps students develop critical thinking, collaborate, and improve their technical skills. Robotics kits, purchased by Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence, are used by college faculty in robotics, automation, and programming courses to provide hands-on experience that students will apply in the work place.

Our faculty also network with each other for best practices and learn how they can continue to use these kits in their college curriculum.

In addition, several colleges move beyond the classroom to compete in VEX U, providing students the chance to design and build, troubleshoot, and learn from other teams.

Program Improvement

Manufacturing requires relevant, current technical skills. Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence helps partner colleges purchase new equipment, invest in professional development, and refine curriculum based on industry’s needs—providing quality technicians for the workforce. View Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellences’ Capital Investments.

College Partners

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Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence impacts college manufacturing programs through capital investments and improved curriculum.

Tour of Manufacturing

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Industry opens its doors to showcase modern manufacturing.

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