For Industry

Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence knows the challenge to develop a strong manufacturing workforce in Minnesota is real. We work with industry to attract and develop the highly skilled workers you need to keep your business competitive, profitable, and growing, from youth to current workers.

Our work includes:

  • Connecting with students and their influencers to share an accurate view of today’s advanced manufacturing industry through Dream It. Do It. Minnesota through resources and events.
  • Promoting an attainable career pathway by providing clear information about career opportunities in engineering and advanced manufacturing.
  • Reaching out to K-12 students through STEM events, including career exploration events, robotics, summer camps, and robotics.
  • Providing accessible education options through our consortium with 360 eTECH—an online and hands-on educational program.
  • Developing free online Career Success Skills learning modules that focus developing professional skills.

College Partners

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Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence impacts college manufacturing programs through capital investments and improved curriculum.

Tour of Manufacturing

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Industry opens its doors to showcase modern manufacturing.

Upcoming Events

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Learn more about upcoming, exciting events!