For Educators

Advanced manufacturing offer the kinds of exciting career opportunities that today’s young people can be passionate about. Help point your students in the right direction with Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence.

Through our resources and Dream It. Do It. Minnesota, you can help develop your students’ skills and provide them with accurate and engaging career and education information—from middle school to college.

Our programs provide:

  • A technical foundation to understand new and emerging technologies—and prepares you for what hasn’t even been invented yet.
  • Problem solving skills—and other qualities that will make you invaluable to your employer.
  • Current and relevant information on the role modern manufacturing plays in Minnesota.

Career Success Skills

Employers are looking for well-rounded workers—employees who understand how to communicate, think critically, and work in a team—in addition to technical skills. Vetted by industry, the Career Success Skills learning modules provide educators with a free, adaptable resource to use in their classroom to help students develop the professional skills valued by industry.

Career Pathway

Through our Career Pathway, you see how Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellences’ educational programs provide the opportunity to grow your career and how you can design your education to fit your interests and needs.

Dream It. Do It. Minnesota

Through Dream It. Do It. Minnesota, Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence provides resources designed to educate youth about modern manufacturing, engages industry to promote manufacturing as a career of choice, and organizes events like the Statewide Tour of Manufacturing and robotics tournaments to change the perception of manufacturing.

Dream It. Do It. MN

Dream It. Do It. MN More

Resources and STEM events designed to engage and educate students.

Career Success Skills

Career Success Skills More

Free to use, online learning modules covering topics valued by manufacturing companies—communication, reliability, productivity, and 23 more.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events More

Learn more about upcoming, exciting events!