Skill Development

Helping current and future employees succeed in the workplace.

Many industries, including manufacturing, need employees with high-tech skills, but they also need people who understand what it means to be a productive, valuable employee with good workplace skills.

Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence has developed a series of learning modules developed to introduce important skills to help current and future employees succeed in their careers.

The topics covered have been identified and prioritized by industry and business professionals. They have contributed content to make sure these learning modules address the skills valued by businesses–no matter what industry.

Access the Career Success Skills learning modules.

Who can use the learning modules?

Anyone may use them. Educators, human resource professionals, supervisors and managers may integrate learning modules into courses and professional development and training programs.

Is there a cost?

Our learning modules are free to use. All we ask is for your contact information so we can follow-up with how you are using them.

How can students access them?

The learning modules are housed within Screencast, a video streaming service. Each learning module has a unique URL. You can send as many individuals to these websites as many times as needed.

For students, each learning module includes:

  • A PowerPoint presentation with embedded video, audio, quizzes, and images.
  • A student workbook that can be downloaded from Screencast. (Students can find the workbook under the “Attachments” tab when in Screencast).

All material is free for students. Everything is available in an open format; individuals do not have to purchase anything or download any software.

How can I access them?

You can access the materials by filling out a form to receive a link that provides:

  • Instructor’s guides
  • PowerPoint presentations (PDF & PowerPoint versions)
  • Student workbooks
  • Quiz answer keys
  • Downloadable MP4 files of the learning module videos
  • Unique URLs from Screencast

All material is free to use.


There are a total of 26 modules. Topics include:

  • Verbal communications
  • Reliability
  • Positive Attitude
  • Responsibility and Accountablity
  • Problem Solving
  • Continuous Learning
  • Critical Thinking

Access the Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence Career Success Skills Learning Modules

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