Online Education

360 eTECH is an innovative program that provides online and hands-on education to two distinct audiences—nontraditional students and high school students. Aligned with the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician program—a nationally recognized credential—graduates are prepared to start or advance their manufacturing careers in a creative and rewarding field.


We offer certificates that provide entry-level, employable skills in fields that have high demand:

  • Production Technologies
  • Welding Technology

Students learn from quality faculty from the Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence consortium—the same faculty who teach on-campus courses at participating colleges.

Incumbent workers

The coursework is designed to fit current manufacturing employees’ needs. Courses are offered in two sessions each semester. Any required labs are offered over weekends and scheduled in well in advance of the course start date, so the student may plan accordingly. The hands-on skills labs are the same as traditional lab courses, just offered at a more convenient time.

High school program

In Fall 2014, Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence launched the 360 eTECH High School Program, which offers courses aligned with our certificates to three high schools, serving 11 students. The online delivery makes this an ideal solution to provide high school students with technical education, regardless of the school’s size or location. Some schools have chosen certificates with lab components, which are offered at a location convenient to the school.

Students benefit from gaining entry-level skills and earning college credit while still in high school. They are prepared with the skills and abilities needed to pursue a promising career in Minnesota’s vibrant manufacturing industry and reinforce the foundation to continue their educational path.

360 eTECH

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Learn how to gain new skills through online and hands-on educational opportunities.

Core Curriculum

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This innovative program has been recognized as providing foundational manufacturing skills and has been leveraged to increase the number of qualified technicians in Minnesota.

Career Ladder

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See how you can move forward in your manufacturing career.