9th Annual Statewide Tour of Manufacturing

9th Annual Statewide Tour of Manufacturing
During the ninth annual Dream It. Do It. Minnesota Statewide Tour of Manufacturing, 190+ manufacturing businesses opened their doors to students, families, and the general public. Participants were able to see the inner workings of a manufacturing facility, meet the people who work there, gain insight into the skills, education, and training necessary for a career in manufacturing and learn more about the economic impact of manufacturing. This year was our biggest year so far.
Highlights of the 2019 tour include:

  • 28,080 estimated individuals attended a tour, including 413 educators and 10,208 K-12 students!
  • There was an increase of 400 total tours over last year!
  • Transportation scholarships were provided for student tours, supported by the Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence
  • Students received safety glasses and educators received our Introduction to Manufacturing Careers Teacher Guide curriculum and information to participate in our digital badge pathway program, resulting in those attaining all six medals being eligible to apply for a $4000 manufacturing scholarship opportunity.

“The Minnesota Statewide Tour of Manufacturing (TOM) allows manufacturers to showcase the amazing innovation of modern manufacturing and inspire the next generation of talented workers,” said Jaimee Meyer, Executive Director of Dream It. Do It. Minnesota and key coordinator of the TOM throughout the state, “We heard awesome feedback from attendees that took the tour on how informative it was, and how shocked they were that all of this is taking place right here in their home state of Minnesota.”

Each year, the Dream It. Do It. Minnesota Statewide Tour is held in alignment with two state and national events, Manufacturing Day and Minnesota Manufacturing Week during the month of October. Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence, through the Dream It Do It Program offers transportation funding to support K-12 schools’ ability to attend the tours. These tours are happening throughout the entire calendar year! For more information check out our site at tourofmanufacturingmn.com, or contact Jaimee Meyer at 218-755-2206 or Jaimee.meyer@bemidjistate.edu.