360 eTECH Online & Hands-On Manufacturing Education Program Celebrates High School Graduates

High school students have the opportunity to prepare for an exciting career in modern manufacturing by participating in the 360 eTECH Online & Hands-On Manufacturing Education Program. This spring 2018 semester, five students graduated from this program with a college certificate. Two graduates earned a 16-credit Production Technologies certificate and three graduates earned a 30-credit Welding Technology certificate.

The 360 eTECH program incorporates both online and hands-on learning. Students complete online coursework at their high schools and attend weekend welding skills labs at a nearby college.

Michael Durheim celebrates his graduation from 360 eTECH with Sue Selland-Miller, Director of Manufacturing Education Programs.

Michael Durheim a senior from East Central High School, who graduated with a certificate in Welding Technology said, “What I liked best about the [360 eTECH] program is how the welding classes had hands-on parts to it. We got to use the [college] lab that has so much more than my high school. During the welding labs it was great to actually get real welding experience from a college professor.”

These graduates have gained entry level, employable skills in the high-demand manufacturing field, as well as earned college credit. They will be able to take the credit and apply it to an advanced manufacturing degree at an accredited 2-year college or enter the workforce with foundational manufacturing knowledge.

“I started the 360 eTECH program because I had an interest in welding and these courses allowed me to learn about welding and earn a certificate,” said Zach Muggli from Lake of the Woods High School, “These courses showed me that I was ready to go to college and could handle the work load. After graduation I plan to attend Northwest Technical College to study Auto Mechanics.”

Because the credits taken through the 360 eTECH program easily transfer to many colleges throughout the state of Minnesota, it is a favorable option for students who are interested in the manufacturing field.

Wyatt Baker, a graduate of Cook County High School and the 360 eTECH program, pictured with Jim Schwarzbauer, Lake Superior College Perkins Coordinator.

“It’s hard to talk in a tangible way to high school students about meaningful careers after high school, but the 360 eTECH program helps kids learn about and develop real career skills,” said Kris Hoffman, Counselor at Cook County High School.

Sue Selland-Miller, Director of Manufacturing Education Programs, including 360 eTECH stated, “We are very proud of these graduates and look forward to their continued success in the manufacturing industry!”

Congratulations to the 360 eTECH class of 2018 graduates from the following high schools:

  • Blackduck High School
  • Cook County High School
  • East Central High School
  • Lake of the Woods High School
  • Red Lake High School

To learn more about the 360 eTECH Online & Hands-On High School Manufacturing Education Program visit 360etech.org, or contact Sue Selland-Miller, Director of Manufacturing Education Programs, at (218) 755-2208 or sue.selland@bemidjistate.edu.